"I was so excited to have career testing for my son! I feel having some insight into careers he would find rewarding, and fields that match up to his strengths and interests, will guide him in finding a future career that he truly loves. It is reassuring that these tests have been proven over a number of decades and Jennifer made the whole process very easy and convenient!"




"These tests were surprisingly accurate. They also provided me with several career options that I never dreamed I would be so well suited for. Quite a confidence booster! At the very least you learn a lot about yourself"


 "As a high school student, it's very important to focus on what kind of jobs I may like in the future.  These tests have helped guide me and have shown me many careers I may have a strong interest in.  The tests were easy to comprehend and were very clear and concise.  The results from the tests were also very clear and accurate.  I highly recommend career testing with Jennifer Robertson for any high school student who would like a helpful guide to finding a career that's right for them."




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"This is a great college planning resource! The reports are very interesting and helpful. They are a wonderful tool to help narrow and focus on majors and professions that map to unique interests and strengths."